Bible Plan

This year, 2019, we are going to follow a discipleship reading plan which will give us time to meditate on what it means to be “passionately involved disciples of Jesus”. Each day there will be 15-20 verses to read and then we want to encourage you to journal your thoughts and prayers. If you do not already have a journal system, why not use SOAP.

S – Scripture – read and re-read the passage. Pick one or two verses that speak to you, and maybe write out that verse

O – Observation – Write down what is the verse saying

A – Application – Make a note of how you can apply this to your life, and what you are going to do as a result

P – Pray – Pray about what you have learnt through this verse and ask God to help you live as  disciple of Jesus today.

You may then want to share on the YouVersion app any thoughts that might be an encouragement to others following the plan.

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Find the plan here