The 180 Project

We will see the lives of families transformed through holistic support and empowerment

The 180 Project is an initiative led by Community Church, set up in order to provide support and help to those within the community who are in challenging situations. There are several branches to the 180 Project which provide relevant support to different people groups; children, young people, families, money and reaching out beyond our local community.

Our mission

The 180 Project will see members of the local church play an instrumental role in the facilitation of positive social, economic and educational change in their communities. We will see the lives of those most in need turned around through holistic support and empowerment.

Our values

Early intervention

Holistic solutions





The aim of the early intervention project is to reduce isolation and exclusion from school for at risk children. Volunteers are trained as behaviour coaches to go into schools and support primary and early secondary school aged children, who may be struggling to cope with issues beyond their control such as bullying and family breakdown. Issues such as these can often make school a difficult place for children to cope with.



The aim of MADE. is to give young people time out of a classroom environment one day a week to develop their identity and purpose, run by four experienced Youth Workers. It is a 10 week course for year 9 students who have been identified as disengaging from mainstream education for a variety of reasons; for example, a difficult home life, lack of confidence, social issues. Morning sessions focus on topics such as identity, determination and the power of choice. In the afternoon we visit different work places for about an hour to hear how people got into their line of work and get shown around the workplace. Alongside this input, each young person will also get a one to one mentoring session with one of the team every week.


We work with pupils who are referred by the school Pastoral team for one hour per week for twelve months. This intensive mentoring programme works with the pupil in conjunction with the family and the school. We use the TLG Early Intervention for KS3 students and the COACH programme, a nationally recognised mentoring scheme, with older pupils. Both of these schemes provide a working framework for our mentors, mentees, the family and the school. Working with pupils who are identified by the Pastoral Team on a one to one basis. Each student may have a range of issues to work through. Common issues include confidence, self-esteem, behavioural issues, conflict with staff and other pupils, poor attendance and issues at home. A mentor would meet with the pupil once per week on the schools premises during school time.


180 Family is in place to support the family unit of those in our community. This is done primarily by our family support worker.

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