The 180 Project

The 180 Project is the banner we use to cover all of our work in the community with families and individuals who’d benefit from holistic support; including emotional, practical, social and spiritual aspects of their lives.

Through members and staff at Community Church, we are able to demonstrate the love and care of Jesus.

Our vision

To see the lives of those who are struggling in our community turned around (a 180 degree turn) by empowering them to make choices to improve their own, their families’ and their communities’ lives. Our support is available to all in our community, regardless of faith background.

Our values

Are centred around generosity, integrity, holistic and early intervention.

What we do…

For Families….

We have a family support worker who’s role it is to meet with and support families in the community. Lydia is able to help with most needs, and if she can’t help, she’ll likely know someone who can!

Most often, Lydia helps families access practical support, such as access to help with food and furniture, but can also help you to register for schools, access benefits, immigration or debt advice among many things.

If there is anything you need help with, you can reach Lydia by calling or texting 07538540050 or dropping her an email.

For individuals who want to learn how to budget, save and spend well…

We run a free, three session course from CAP which will teach you a way of managing your money to ensure that you’re not left struggling at the end of the month. Jane and Michelle are on hand to help you with any questions. It is NOT a requirement (or encouraged) for you to share your personal financial information with the leaders; the course is about enabling you to manage your money. The course is for anyone who has an income, not just those who are struggling.

To find out more about our courses, please email Jane.

If you are in debt, you might find free support from our friends at Thurrock CAP Centre more helpful.

For parents with young children…

We have our Piglets parent and toddler groups in both Chafford Hundred (Monday afternoons) and Chadwell St Mary (Thursday mornings). These sessions offer a range of unstructured play activities, as well as craft and story and song time.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, spaces at these groups are limited and we are operating on a booking only basis. At times, we may have a waiting list.

These groups are led by Nicola who is best reached via our facebook page or on 07897 175651, for more information.

For individuals who like craft…

We have volunteer-led groups called “Knit and Natter” in both Chadwell St Mary (Wednesday mornings) and Chafford Hundred (Tuesday mornings). The groups are attended by people from all walks of life and age groups. They are free of charge although you are welcome to make a contribution to drinks and wool if you’d like.

For more information, please contact the office who can arrange for one of the volunteer leaders, Hilary and Jennie, to get in touch.

For schools…

We are able to offer a variety of services to schools that help to address young people’s personal development, aspirations and emotional wellbeing. Our offering currently includes:

Mentoring 1:1 mentoring sessions

The MADE Course; a 10 week personal development course for young people in year 9 who are struggling with motivation and aspirations. The course involves teaching on topics such as risk taking behaviour, determination, leadership, as well as visits to different local businesses and 1:1 time with their allocated mentor.

Kintsugi Wellbeing Groups: An interactive six week short course for young people who would benefit from learning more about aspects of mental health and support with developing strategies for coping when they feel overwhelmed (topics covered: vulnerability, anger, anxiety, depression, shame, perfectionism)

We are able to offer most school based services at a below-cost rate, with thanks to the giving of Community Church and local businesses such as The Co-op and Procter & Gamble. For more information, please email Elle.