Another Featured Event

Thursday 20th December 2018


  • Time: -
  • Venue:
    Community Church Office,
    1st Floor, Unit 2, Lakeside Business Village Fleming Road,
    Chafford Hundred,
    RM16 6EW

Tolu launches us into a new series called “Burning Questions” and the first of which is “If slavery is wrong, why are there so many slaves in the Bible?” Tolu begins by sharing a definition of slavery as the “treatment of another human being as property and denied of personal rights”.

We then explore the various forms of slavery which includes the voluntary kind, the prisoner of war, as a form of penalty to a criminal activity and the enforced kind. Tolu makes it clear that in the beginning, God did not intend for anyone to own another person as property because we are all created in God’s image, His likeness and all are mandated to reign on the earth (Gen 1:27-28).