British Museum Bible Tour

Saturday 1st June 2019


  • Time: -
  • Venue:
    British Museum,
    Great Russell St,
    WC1B 3DG

The tour gives an interactive experience that…
..Clearly presents the framework and timeline of the Bible
..Casts light on the historical and cultural backdrop to both the big and little stories of Scripture
..Provides high quality corroborative evidence for many of the characters,
places and accounts of the Bible
..Re-examines familiar Bible accounts in the light of extra-biblical evidence
..Demolishes longstanding arguments against the accuracy of the Bible
..Presents each ‘tourist’ with artefacts that truly have the ‘Wow!’ factor

The day can be quite long and can be a little tiring on the legs so comfortable shoes and a reasonable level of fitness are recommended

12 places available, so if you are interested in being part of the tour please
contact Deb or Sharon as soon as possible. or
07964391457 or 01375 484101