Foundation Course


This event finished on 23 February 2020

  • Venue:
    All Saints Church,
    Drake Road,
    Chafford Hundred,
    RM16 6RW

The course will cover the following studies to introduce the essentials of Christian living:

Personal Foundations – What do I believe. Laying solid foundations for the Christian life

A New Creation – What has happened to me? What does it mean to belong to Jesus Christ?

Kingdom Life – What is ‘the kingdom of God’? What does it mean for my life, my family, my work?

Kingdom Warfare – If I am in a battle, who am I fighting? What does it mean to have ‘victory in Jesus’?

Jesus is Building His Church – What is the Church? Where do I fit in to it?

Belonging to a Church – What makes a healthy church?

Sharing Your faith – How can I tell others about Christ?