Growing in God
Going Deeper into God’s Word

Starting on Sunday 26th February 2023
This course will be an 11 week online course over the year (1 session a month)
Topics that will covered are shown below.

o Overview of the bible
o Timeline of Genesis
o Main Characters
o Main Stories

The Pre-Existent Triune God
o Not created but always existed
o One God three Persons
o Omniscience
o Omnipresence
o Omnipotent
o Father, Son, and Spirit present and involved in creation
o Character of the Father
o Character of the Son
o Character of the Holy Spirit

The Creator God
o How?
o When?
o What happened on each day and how they relate

The Garden
o Following the theme of the garden from Genesis to Revelation

The Mission
o Following the theme of multiplication from Genesis to Revelation

The Fall
o Why were Adam and Eve disobedient
o The consequence of sin
o The promise of a Saviour

o The first man
o History before he sinned
o Temptation and sin
o Subsequent history
o His death
o Cain and Abel

o Genealogy from Adam to Noah
o God punishes sin
o God saves the righteous
o Do the waters actually cover the “whole” earth?
o God does not forget His covenant

The Covenant
o What is a covenant
o Covenant with Adam
o Covenant with Noah

o Covenant with Abraham
o Covenant continues in the Old Testament
o The New Covenant through Jesus

o Genealogy from Noah to Abraham
o The migration
o Famine and separation
o Deceit and doubt
o The promise reaffirmed
o Abram to Abraham
o Covenant of circumcision
o Three visitors
o The birth of Isaac
o The Supreme Test
o Abraham’s Death
o Abraham in the New Testament

o Jacob gets Isaac’s blessing
o Jacob and Laban
o Jacob’s dream at Bethel
o Jacob marries Leah and Rachel
o Children of Jacob
o Jacob wrestles with God
o Joseph
o Jacob goes to Egypt
o Jacon blesses his sons