Community Church Response to Coronavirus COVID-19

I want to update you following the government’s announcement yesterday here in the UK.
We are full of faith that God is with us, sustaining and protecting us, but we also have to come under the authority of the government that God has put over us.
We therefore have decided that we will not be meeting as a church with immediate effect, and through to the end of March. We will then review what is happening in the UK and the current advise and decide what will happen after that, although you can expect that we will not be able to meet together for a few months.
That means that there will be no gatherings on Sundays on any of our sites, so please do not turn up as there will not be anyone there. We also suggest that for the next couple of weeks that Life Groups do not meet, but please speak to your Life Group leader to confirm.
There will be no other meetings, through to the end of March including Parent and Toddlers, Coffee Mornings, Knit and natter, Alpha, any practices, and we will be cancelling the men’s breakfast.
We will be live streaming on Sunday some worship, prayer and teaching so please look out for how you can connect into this. Please make sure that you follow the church, and myself on twitter and Facebook, check in on our website, and read your emails to keep updated.
We will be utilising video conferencing as much as possible during this time so that we can keep in touch.

We know that God is sovereign and in control. So we believe that this is a time of strengthening for the church and a time of growth. We would ask that you would:
• Keep connected to those in the church that you know, especially through your Life Group.
• Check regularly on those in the church that are vulnerable, and maybe isolated
• If you have to self-isolate please let your Life Group Leader know
• Still set aside times to meet with people using the technology that we have, especially Sundays and your Life Group times.
• Continue to give to the church through standing orders and bank transfers, so that we can continue to operate through this next season.
Let us do “one anothering” well at this time.
Also, we can engage with our community, showing the love and compassion of Christ to our neighbours, friends and work colleagues. Offer to go shopping for those who are vulnerable or are self-isolating. Check in regularly on those who are ill. Jesus sent us out as His ambassadors to heal the sick, cast out demons, and to share the good news of the Kingdom. There is no better time for us to do this than now!
We are reminded of the fragility of our lives and plans but assured of the love and security of our Father. There is no need to be fearful, because God is faithful!
God bless you all, and let us pray for each other, for our communities, for the nations, and for fruitfulness in the harvest.

The Elders