Harris Academy School Governor

Harris Academy Chafford hundred are looking for new school governors

As Community church meets in the school and it is at the heart of our community it would be wonderful if we could have a church member on the governing body.

There are 2 types of governor:

1) A Parent Governor – This governor must have a child/ children who attends HACH. This is an elected role

2) A Sponsor Governor – A sponsor governor is someone who does not work at the school, may or may not have children in the school but has willingness to help our school achieve its best for the children. Over 18, professional or not and ready to volunteer their time.
Both Governors should be able to commit to 6 evenings a year and 6 afternoons a year.
More about being a school governor

School governors offer strategic guidance, rather than getting involved in the operational aspects of a school. This involves:

Working with other board members to plan the school’s strategic direction.

Overseeing the school’s financial performance, ensuring money is well-spent.

Holding the headteacher or school leadership to account.

A school governor’s relationship with the school’s leadership team involves challenging existing processes to drive school improvement. School governors usually attend around six meetings per year. Although becoming a school governor requires drive and commitment, you’ll enjoy many professional and personal rewards, including career development opportunities and the chance to support young people’s futures.

Abisola Osiyemi is currently a staff governor for the school and is happy to answer any questions you may have about the role and how to apply.