Ten Days Of Prayer

Thursday 18th May 2022 – Saturday 27th May 2022

Lead By The Spirit!

John 16:13 – “When the spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.”
Jesus encouraged his disciples that after his departure he would send the Holy Spirit that will guide them into all truth. Let us seek to experience more of the Spirit more frequently in our lives, and that we will be the empowered church that God has ordained us to be.
As we come into these Ten Days of Prayer let us open ourselves to the leading of the Spirit of God about decisions that we face daily in our individual lives and as a church. Let us pray that our lives will continue to glorify God in all that we do.

Thursday 20:00 Zoom
Friday 07:00Zoom
Saturday 07:30Zoom
Sunday 08:45Zoom
Monday 07:00Zoom
Tuesday 20:00Zoom
Wednesday 07:00Zoom
Thursday 07:00Zoom
Friday 21:00Church office
Saturday 07:30Zoom

All Prayer Meetings on Zoom – https://bit.ly/CC_Prayer
Meeting ID: 944 6097 2983       Passcode: 277266

Some prayer topics are:

The Church as we face the challenges of this modern time:

– For those who are facing hardship caused by new economic challenges, that those
who are anxious and fearful will receive peace and reassurance.
– For direction for the church as we seek God’s direction.
– For those in leadership, Elders, Leadership Teams, Ministry leaders, Life Group
– Pray for our Young people and Children.
– Pray for specific members of the church that you know need our prayers at this time.
– Pray that this Ten Days of Prayer will bless the church and we will hear God speak to

Pray for our mission

– We believe that God has given us a vision of at least one person being saved and
added to the church every week. Let us pray that we will see this come to pass in
– Pray for those who will be baptised at our next baptism service
– Pray that our Life Groups will reach their communities for Jesus.
– Pray for many more churches to be planted.
– Pray that there will be those who will go to other nations.
– Pray for our M.A.D.E project with HACH and the 180 Programme.
– Pray for our Piglets Parent and Toddler Groups.

Pray for our walk with God

– That we will be a Kingdom first people
– That we will be filled with the Holy Spirit
– That our Ten Days of Prayer will encourage us all in our prayer life
– That our walk with God will be holy and pure, and when we fail, we will be quick to
confess our sin and receive his forgiveness.

Pray for the wider church

South Essex and Kent Hub
– GodCentral Church, Harlow, Essex
– King’s Church, Southend, Essex   
– The Vine – Maidstone, Kent
– Chelmsford (Church Plant)

Suffolk and North Essex Hub
– Hope Church Ipswich, Suffolk
– Lowestoft Community Church, Suffolk
– Redeemer Church, Colchester, Essex

London Hub
– The Church in Bassett Street, Kentish Town, London
– Revelation Church, Camden, London
– Family Church, Tottenham, London (Church Plant)

– Liverpool Gospel Plant
– El Encuentro, Malaga, Spain (Church Plant)
– Community Church, Nagoya, Japan (Church Plant)
– Yeonnam Community, Seoul, South Korea
– Taipei Church Plant, Taiwan

Churches that are connected to us:
– Emmanuel Koinonia Church (formerly Perez Restoration Church), Dagenham
– Clementswood Baptist Church, Ilford
– Rhema Faith Church, Ndola District, Zambia

Pray for our nation
– For our government, central and local
– For healing for those still struggling with Long COVID
– For all the families that have lost loved ones
– For those who serve our communities
– For our MP
– For your councillor
– For your community

Prayer Programme

There will be opportunities for praying together as a whole church and as Life Groups. If you belong to Community Church you will be in a Life Group and we are encouraging Life Groups to devote their meeting to prayer, on Zoom, or in person and maybe gather to go prayer walking in your area. It would be great if you could join us for at least one of the whole church meetings outlined above. Also we want to encourage you to arrange to meet in small groups to prayer, prayer walk together during these 10 days.

However, we also want to encourage you to make your personal prayer time during these 10 days focussed on the prayer points outlined so that together we can seek the Lord. It would also be good for each of us to have a day of fasting during these 10 days and please liaise with your Life Group to see if you could do this on the same day together.

If you feel that the Lord is showing you anything during this time please email elders@mycommunitychurch.org.uk